The Telangana Special Police Battalions is one of the elite armed Police forces within the Telangana State Police constituted for dealing with serious law and order situations requiring a higher level of armed expertise than normal. The TGSP is organized on the lines of the paramilitary forces and have specialized training and weaponry to support in the maintenance of law and order and operations against anti-national outfits when necessitated. The TGSP Battalions are placed at key locations across State and activate upon the directions of the Chief of Police of the Telangana State when required to support the Civil Police in maintenance of situations, contingencies and events which go beyond the capacities and cut across jurisdictions of the local police.

          The Telangana Special Police (TGSP) is constituted of 13 Battalions in the State, (of which 8 are Indian Reserve Battalions, 4 General Battalions and 1 Tribal Battalion). The TGSP also functions as the predominant feeder organization to other specialized State level outfits.

          As the Addl. Director General of TGSP Bns, I feel proud to lead an Organization of the stature & commitment TGSP which has always lived upto its motto of ‘Service’ ‘Courage’ ‘Valour’ and proven its mettle time and again. TGSP looks forward to continue serving the people of this State by gaining their trust and confidence at all times. Please feel free to contact us with valuable suggestions to enable us to serve better.

          Jai Hind!