Telangana state Special Police is the oldest armed force of the state since1947. Initially, two armed battalions were raised under the composite state of Madras at Bellary and Tadepalligudem in West Godavari districts in the year 1947. Later, in 1950, the Government of Hyderabad state raised another Battalion at Ibrahimbagh in the state army lines which was named Hyderabad State Reserve Police (HSRP). When the Telangana state was formed, the Government changed the name of HSRP as 1 Bn. TSSP Vide G.O.Ms.No.1818, Home (Police. B) Department. The same has come into existence with effect from 01-12-1957 and started functioning from DGP Complex situated at Lakadikapol, Hyderabad under the supervision of the Director General and Inspector General of Police. After construction of Shourya Bhavanam exclusively at Jublee Hills, Road No.12.

          The Telangana State Special Police Battalions is one of the elite armed Police forces within the Telangana State Police constituted for dealing with serious law and order situations requiring a higher level of armed expertise than normal. The TSSP is organized on the lines of the paramilitary forces and have specialized training and weaponry to support in the maintenance of law and order and operations against anti-national outfits when necessitated. The TSSP Battalions are placed at key locations across State and activate upon the directions of the Chief of Police of the Telangana State when required to support the Civil Police in maintenance of situations, contingencies and events which go beyond the capacities and cut across jurisdictions of the local police.

          The Telangana State Special Police Battalions have a long history. The first Battalion was created from the amalgamation of the Armed Reserves of the erstwhile Mysore State and Hyderabad State which were at the time geographically located in what became the new State of Andhra Pradesh in 1956. These armed reserves were re-organized as Andhra Pradesh Special Police Battalions (APSP).

          Since its constitution the Battalions have served in Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur States from 1966 to 1978. Deployed in Srikakulam District for curbing the "Naxalbari Movement” in the year 1968, rehabilitation work in Diviseema Taluq, Krishna District during the Cyclone of 1977 which devastated life and property of entire Diviseema Taluq.

          Consequent to bifurcation of the State of Andhra Pradesh in June 2014, Telangana State got 9 Special Police Battalions which were geographically located in the new State. In addition, the Government of India sanctioned 4 Indian Reserve Battalions.