In Telangana State Special Police, out of 13 Battalions as on today 09 TSSP Battalions have dedicated Training Centres. These training centres are doing great volumes in Induction Trainings, ARC and other In-Service Trainings.


                        1) SCTPCs :

          After bifurcation of the State, Prior to commencement of the induction training, the training readiness was reviewed, the infrastructure was developed and adequate trainers were imparted with ToT (Training of Trainers Course) in 4 Batches. The first batch Induction training for SCTPCs (TSSP) commenced from 01st May 2017 in 9 Battalion Training Centres.

Year wise SCTPCs trained details:

Year No Of SCTPCs
2017-2018 3572
2019-2020 2969
2020-2021 3838
Total 10,379

                        2) Promotional Trainings :

          Apart from basic induction training, TSSP imparted training for about 3,414 personnel in Pre/Post – Promotional Trainings in the ranks of Head Constables, Asst. Reserve Sub-Inspectors and Reserve Sub-Inspectors.

Year wise Promotional training details:

Year No Of Personnel
2018 1967
2019 323
2020 45
2021 1079
Total 3414

                        3) Annual Refresher Training (ARC):

          TSSP is conducting regularly Annual Refresher Training @ one company per battalion as per feasibility and also to the personnel being deployed for L&O Bandobust duties in its true spirit by ensuring that the physical fitness, proficiency in drill and parades, professional knowledge, morale in the personnel is enhanced for better performance. For about, 2,452 personnel have undergone ARC Training during the year 2021. During the year 2022 so far 498 personnel undergone Annual Refresher Training and at present nearly 485 personnel are undergoing ARC Training in various TSSP Battalions.


          TSSP equips Police personnel through In-Service Courses such as Outdoor Trainer skills, Physical Efficiency Training, other Skill Development, Anti-Extremist Training etc., through in-house faculty as well as through external resources.

  1. Outdoor Training of Trainers Course (ToT)
  2. Anti-Extremist Operations Training (AET))
  3. Photography and Videography Course
  4. Skill development training at NAC
  5. Work Shop on 5S implementation
  6. Course on Aerobics
  7. Course on KRAVMAGA
  8. Course on Physical Efficiency Training (PET)
  9. Company Clerks Course
  10. Horticulture Training

                        1) Armourer Trainings :

          Trainings have been conducted through AIA Unit to refresh the knowledge of the armourers in maintenance, repairs of arms along with Standard Operating Procedures for the armourers of the Battalions as well as all Police Units across the State. 141 Armourers of all Police Units of Telangana State were trained during the years 2020-2021. TSSP Battalions is upgrading Police personnel Arms repairing skills through the Basic Armourer Course (14 Months) and Armourer Upgrading Course (3 Months) conducted by AWS-1, Group Centre, CRPF Chandrayangutta, 1-EME Training Centre, Secunderabad. 83 TSSP personnel completed their Basic Armourer Course (14 Months) and 10 personnel completed their Armourer Upgrading Course (3 Months).

                        2) Band Training :

          TSSP Bands play an important role in Ceremonial Parades and major State Government functions. Apart from the State Ceremonial Functions TSSP Unit Band personnel have participated in various Band Competitions at National level as well as on the occasions of State Receptions hosted in the honour of State Guests. In this regard, TSSP has developed its own in-house training capacity for Bugle as well as Band trainings.

  1. Organized 4 months Brass Band Training to the Band personnel of all TSSP Bns centrally at 1st Bn. TSSP from 13.09.2021 to 11.01.2022.
  2. Organized 12 Weeks Bugle Training to the Buglers of all TSSP Bns centrally at 7th Bn. TSSP from 25.10.2021 to 29.01.2022.
  3. Conducting 3 months Pipe Band Training to the Pipe Band personnel of 12th Bn. TSSP at 12th Bn. TSSP from 20.10.2021 to 20.03.2022.

                        3) Social Outreach through Trainings :

          As part of Social responsibility, 07 TSSP Battalions have organized Trainings in the Battalions for the aspirants, who were preparing /appearing in the Police Department entrance examinations by providing meals, books wherever possible. A total 3095 joined Training for the Preliminary Examination and continued training for PMT & PET. Out of which 71% of them qualified to appear for Mains Examinations.