Role of TSSP

          TSSP Personnel are imparted special training for preparedness and have rapid deployment capabilities across the State. The TSSP force plays a crucial role in the maintenance of law and order, dealing with agitations and unrest; Providing security to vital installations, establishments and VIPs; Apart from tackling extremism, terrorist threats and responding to various emergent needs like rescue and relief operations during disasters and calamities, elections, communal outbreaks etc. Since inception in 1957 it has been at the forefront in the efforts against the left wing extremism, both directly as well as by lending its ranks to specialized agencies designed exclusively to combat extremism.


(a) The Telangana State Special Police is a quasi-military force within the framework of the Telangana State Police. Its main role is to assist the Local Police in maintaining Law and Order.

(b) It may be used to prevent organised crimes, to curb the acti vities of subversive elements, or as a deterrent against possible out breaks of mob fury or fanaticism.

(c) It may also be assigned any other duties by the State Government, such as guarding of vulnerable points, stationing of Punitive Po lice anti-smuggling duties and rescue and relief during Serious Natural Calamities.

(d) It may also be called upon to maintain Law and Order within the country in close Co-operation with the other State Police or the Armed Forces.

(e) In the discharge of the above duties, the companies or Platoons may be deployed by the Director-General of Police in any part of the State. While on such duties, these will be at the disposal and the operational control of the Superintendent of Police of the district concerned, but their administration and discipline and the actual tactical handling of the men will continue to be under their-own officers.